Linux for Schools and educational institutions



In 2007 the company developed Free software suite which in 2008 was deployed in pilot regions and educational institutions that joined the pilot project.

Development of FSS is one of the highest priority tasks that should be accomplished to establish Russia's information security. This is what Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev declared multiple times. According to his words before 2010 Russia should be having its own open source operation system and a full bundle of applied software to enable efficient work of state bodies and spending agencies.

The first open tender for development and shipping Free Software Suite was appointed in Russia during Fall 2007. Group of companies "Armada" won this tender. Associate contractor in this tender was ALT Linux. Within the framework of this project ALT Linux employee developed and tested Free Software Suite (FSS, or PSPO) which was deployed in over 1000 schools of three pilot regions — Republic of Tatarstan, Perm region and Tomsk region. In these regions both technology of deployment and technology of technical support organzation was worked out, which is critically important for success of the project. Despite there are only three pilot regions, any Russian schools could join the project and freely receive the FSS. To popularize this possibility and the project in general a number of workshops across the country were held.

According to the results of 2008, 2151 schools participated in the project. A set of education materials were developed.

Also ALT Linux has published Software Development Kit which was used to create school Linux distributions.

Web-site of the project: (In Russian)

Free Software in Russian schools blog (In English)
Free Software in Russian schools blog (In Russian)