ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop

ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop is an easy to install and use universal operating system for home and office workstations.

ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop will be useful for every day work of:

  • office employees from secretary to management staff;
  • government and educational institutions employees;
  • pupils and college students.
  • home users

The distribution contains all applications required for effective execution of usual tasks: creating text documents and presentations, listening to music and watching videos, browsing the Web, reading and sending E-mail etc.


This release's special features are:

  • improved configuration application
  • Network Manager — easy Internet access setup tool
  • 3D desktop out of box
  • Virtual Box virtualization software

DVD contains:

  • ALT Linux operation system
  • Kernel 2.6.25, KDE 3.5
  • Applications for all various needs.
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Mozilla Thunderbird;
  • GIMP;
  • Inkscape — vector graphics editor;
  • Kaffeine media player;
  • K3b — CD burning tool;
  • KMyMoney personal finance assistant;
  • Audacity — sound files editor;
  • WINE — environment to run Windows applications in.
  • ...various games and a lot else

The bundle includes:

  • DVD with full version of ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop, also works as LiveCD;
  • Installation guide
  • License agreement
  • technical support coupon (60 days).

Minimum system requirements:

  • Pentium III or compatible and above
  • 256 Mbyte RAM;
  • 3 Gbyte free space
  • DVD drive