ALT Linux Children

ALT Linux Children

ALT Linux announces release of beta version of ALT Linux 4.1 Children
This distribution is created for children activities — both stand-alone and under the direction of a teacher — in the area of computer graphics and digital video. It is based on the course "Graphics, animation, video" and all applications and multimedia data required for giving classes. ALT Linux 4.1 Children also includes a development center for children under school age, additional help files and a small set of computer games.
The distribution is a Live CD: it doesn't require installation on hard drive and is ready to go right after loading. CD image is available at ALT Linux web site.

ALT Linux 4.1 Children is a subsequent development (evolvement) of ALT Linux Children series of distributions aimed in the first place for stand-alone work and and recreative study of domestic computer graphics basics : creating bitmap and vector graphics, simple animations and editing video.

Core of the distribution is the course "Graphics, animation, video" by Alexandra Panyukova, created and multiple times held in a summer IT camp for children. This resulted in rework and complementation of the software part of the distribution and in creation of new methodical recommendations. Also new reference files were added. Part of the recommendations (for “Graphics” section) and help files are part of the distribution itself.

A significant part of the distribution is graphics and photos — both created by Alexandra and those freely available ones (Open Clip Art, for instance).

Software for ALT Linux 4.1 Children was chosen with both course and further standalone work of kids at home in mind. Additionally the distribution contains tools for most demanding and curious users: a digital photo camera manager, ASCII and fractal graphics editors, a versatile audio player, a virtual observatory and a geography study application. The distribution has much newer versions of GIMP, a bitmap graphics editor,  and Kdenlive — a non-linear video editor.

For children under school age (since 4 yo) and younger schoolchildren there is a сenter of GСompris, which includes a variety of modules, beginning with keyboard and mouse use training and up to logical games helping to study the world around. A keyboard training application is included as well.

Both children and their parents can gave a lot of fun playing various games included in the distro.
Just like the previous version of the distribution ALT Linux 4.1 Children is a Live CD which means that you can have a usual Linux environment on any PC without actually installing it. You only need to reboot to this CD. Most files of the system will be on CD, the rest of them in RAM, and you can save your work to a flash drive or a floppy. Contents of a hard drive are available as separate folders so that you can use existing media libraries.

It's worth mentioning that office suits, mail clients, PIMs and other stationery are not part of the distribution. Teaching practice has proved them to make a noticeable distracting background during the course. For the very same reason Internet connection isn't used by default and requires manual setup. If you need a distribution to solve a real variety of tasks, we recommend  to use ALT Linux 4.1 Desktop or ALT Linux 4.1 Small Business.

CD image is available from ALT Linux web-site and its mirrors:

Checksum (MD5): 7e24e9331198b78066e2577ade20bb09 .

ALT Linux 4.1 Children beta is going to be released in a small circulation for distribution at a National IT camp "Strana COMPUTERiYA" and Winter School for teachers.