Popular products

All of ALT Linux distributions are published under free licenses, and they can be used without any restrictions by home, office, industry or public sector users.

ALT Linux Centaurus

The company's main distribution that includes server and integrated workstation configurations. Other desktop distributions built on top of the Platform are also server-integrated.

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ALT Linux Kdesktop

A distribution for workstation with the KDE graphical interface.

Universal multi-purpose end-user system Kdesktop includes everything necessary for office productivity, creation of various graphics and animations, sound and video processing, application development and education. During the installation, users can freely select components to fine-tune the functionality and composition of their distributions.

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Simply Linux

Easy-to-use distribution with a minimal set of applications for home and office users. A tailored selection of applications is the primary feature of this product. For every task, only one application is selected, which conforms to the ethos of this user-friendly distribution: user-friendliness, full Russian localisation, convenient functionality of end-user applications.

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Certified distributions

ALT Linux SPT 6.0

ALT Linux received a certificate from the FSTEC for the distribution ALT Linux SPT 6.0, a unified distribution for servers and workstations with built-in tools for information security. The distribution received a certificate of a higher protection class compared to the distributions of the 4.0 branch, which allows to use it for processing of secret documents. Additionally, ALT Linux SPT 6.0 can be used to build automated systems conforming to the security classes up to “1V” as well as information systems of any protection class designed for processing of personal data.

Other distributions

Informika 6.0 for Schools

In 2012, in cooperation with its long-time partner Informika, ALT Linux published “Informika 6.0 for Schools”, a new operating system package specifically customised for the needs of educational institutions.