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February 14, 2013

ALT Linux starts publishing regular Sisyphus-based desktop builds

ALT Linux Ltd has started publishing regular builds of installable LiveCD set based on its Sisyphus unstable development repository.

These builds are intended primarily for experienced users and developers

  • to test the current repository state,

  • to test recent hardware lacking driver support in stable branches,

  • to help package maintainers release new versions.

ALT Linux developers are looking forward for feedback as the timely identification and resolution of problems makes stable branch release work more effective.

Even before the next stable branch release those interested can test the new features conveniently:

  • the updated installer supports LUKS encrypted partitions,

  • simple UEFI installation, including Microsoft Windows 8 dualboot provided that free drive space/partition exists.

The users are expected to understand that the systems installed from these images would be preset to receive updates from Sisyphus which can result in unexpected consequences of yet another update after months of flawless performance; if the reliability of the installed system is more important than all the latest stuff then it's better to use ALT Linux distributions which are built and updated from stable branch.

Base package versions included in every image:

  • Linux 3.7.7

  • xorg-server 1.13.2

  • systemd 197

  • firefox 18.0.2

Specific DE versions:

  • kde4 4.10+

  • gnome3 3.6.*

  • xfce 4.10

  • e17 0.17.1

  • cinnamon 1.6.7

  • mate 1.5

  • razorqt 0.5.2

  • tde

The currently available images support i586 and x86_64 architectures.


  • KDE4: i586, x86_64

  • MATE: i586, x86_64

  • XFCE: i586, x86_64

  • Gnome3: i586, x86_64


  • Cinnamon: i586, x86_64

  • E17: i586, x86_64

  • TDE: i586, x86_64


  • IceWM: i586, x86_64

  • Razor-Qt: i586, x86_64

LXDE, Sugar and WindowMaker/GNUstep builds are expected to come a bit later.

Please see our wiki for additional information: