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March 17, 2009

ALT Linux in Brazil

ALT Linux and OpenGO (former Ventox Boundless Brasil) announce opening of a new ALT Linux sales and development office in Brazil – ALT Linux Brasil.

This move follows ALT Linux strategy to increase worldwide visibility of Sisyphus repository. ALT Linux and OpenGO intend to collaborate in development and selling of ALT Linux products in Brazil and other Latin America countries.

We have been seeing the attention to ALT Linux distributions and technologies in Latin America for quite some time. This displays an interest to products and deployments made by ALT Linux as well as the attractiveness of the open architectures that we use.

Along with the Portuguese site, ALT Linux Brasil is running the local internet shop. Localized ALT Linux distributions and technical support services are available for Latin customers in this shop. Additional software, as well as apparel, badges etc. will also be in stock shortly, thereby making the full assortment of ALT Linux-related products that is already available for Russian customers.

The operation of ALT Linux Brasil is targetted at governmental and educational institutions as well as businesses. The services delivered by ALT Linux Brasil include systems deployment, technical support, and training.

ALT Linux Brasil site is available at:
ALT Linux Brasil internet shop:

About ALT Linux

ALT Linux is a Russian Moscow-based company with several offices across the country with its main business being Free/Libre Software.The most prominent technological proceeding as well as the main ongoing project of the company is the package repository “Sisyphus” that is unique in many aspects. The company develops and deploys various distributions for home and office use, for desktops, and servers, and "thin client" systems. ALT Linux is also releasing distributions certified by Russian government for use in circumstances that assume working with personal information. The company holds researches and delivers Linux-based solutions within the Federal Programme "Electronic Russia 2002-2010" and the Priotitized National Project "Education", including deployment of Linux systems in 2000 Russian schools in 2008. Besides development and deployment, ALT Linux provides technical support, analytics, consulting, professional certification and training services on various topics concerned with Free/Libre Software.


About OpenGO

OpenGO (former Ventox Boundless Brasil) is a Brazilian company with its headquarters in Porto Alegre. The main business of OpenGO is development and deployment of Free Software-based systems. One of OpenGO's current projects is the transactions security system for payment agents etc.