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January 12, 2009

Supercomputer "SKIF-MGU" works under ALT Linux 4.1 SKIF

ALT Linux distribution successfully used on the most powerful supercomputer in Russia — SKIF‑MGU.

Within the framework of of Russian-Belorussian program “SKIF-GRID” ALT Linux has developed a specialised ALT Linux 4.1 SKIF distribution. The distribution has  successfully passed qualification tests.

On 16-18 December of 2008 in SSI RAS (Pereslavl-Zalessky) and Moscow University's R&D IT Center (Moscow) supercomputers of the third generation ("SKIF T-60", also referred to as SKIF-MU) successfully passed qualification tests. With peak perfomance of 60 teraflops SKIF-MU is taking 54th place among TOP-500 supercompoutera by November 2008 rating.

Secretary of the Allied States of Russia and Belarus Pavel Borodin, MU's president Victor Sadovnichiy, corresponding member of RAS Sergey Abramov and other official establishment attended the qualifiucation tests.

Director of Software Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research supervisor "SKIF-GRID" Sergey Abramov remarked high level of development in ALT Linux: "Thanks to ALT Linux specialists expertise we were able to prepare solution for highly efficient computation systems in a short term and meet all requirements that arised while realizing the project”.

Technical director (CTO) of ALT Linux Anton Farygin says: "Now ALT Linux works on all hardware from a really aging PC to a most modern cluster from TOP100".

The distribution was optimized to work on supercomputers. Solutions that were used in the system significantly simplify deployment and control of the cluster.

ALT Linux 4.1 Skif bootable CD image is freely available at:

About "SKIF-GRID" program

Program "SKIF-GRID" of the Allied states of Russia and Belarus aims to develop and support original domestic technologies of highly efficient computations, including:

- original means to create grid systems;
- development of SKIF supercomputers line (3th and 4th generation) and software for them;
- deployment of experimental grid system SKIF-Polygon that merges resources of several domestic supercomputer centers.

As part of the program "SKIF-MGU" was created, with productivity of 60 trillions of operations on floating-point numbers per second. The program is signed by the Government in March 2007 till 2010 inclusive. Government customers and coordinators of the allied program are national academy of Belarus and Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovation.

Detailed information about “SKIF” program can be obtained at

About ALT Linux

Russian company the develops solutions based on free/libre software. Basing on unique package repository “Sisyphus”, containing over 8000 software packages and supported by over 150 developers, the company has developed a distribution for home and office ALT Linux Desktop, a universal distribution ALT Linux Master, FSTEC certified secure distribution ALT Linux 4.0 Server and a workstation distribution ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop Professional, a ready-to-use solution ALT Linux Office Server, a distribution for schools ALT Linux Junior, a multiplatform office package “Free Office” and various OEM solutions. The company holds researches and deploys Linux-based solution within the framework of ФЦП «Электронная Россия 2002-2010» and within the framework of Priotitized national project “Education”.

Detailed information about ALT Linux can be obtained at


Software Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded in April 1984. Since the very beginning main scientific directions were: highly efficient computations, paralellized architecture systems, programming automation, artificial intelligence, telecommunication systems and medical informatics.

Today SSI RAS unites five research centers and is one of most dynamically developing scientific bodies in the Nanotechnologies, Information Technologies and Computation Systems section of RAS. SSI RAS is head contractor organization in the "SKIF-GRID" on the Russia side.

Detailed information about SSI RAS can be obtained at