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July 01, 2009

The 6th Free Software developers conference

ALT Linux and Institute of Logic announce The 6th Free Software developers conference. The conference will take place in Obninsk, Kaluga region, Russia on 27th and 28th of July, 2009.

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in The 6th international Free Software developers conference upon Protva that will take place in the town of Obninsk, Kaluga region, Russia.

Leading Free Software developers from Russia and other countries are going to visit the conference, which is an opportunity to establish personal contacts between developers, to discuss the future of Free Software, to inspire new projects.

Abstracts of the talks will be published.

The program of the conference is being formed now. You can apply for a talk on the following topics:
Free Software projects;
scientific projects that involve development and use of Free Software in different knowledge areas;
cultural, philosophical, and legal considerations of free licensing;
Free Software for government and public administration.
Registration of participants will take place on July, 27, 10:00-12:00 in the hall of the State Central Institute of Advanced Training.
During the conference, a "workshop" discussion on Free Software for schools will be organized. If you wish to conduct a discussion on other topics in addition, please send an application for a workshop to the organizers before July, 1.
To participate in the conference as a speaker, please send a request to before July, 1. The request should contain:

  • The title of your speech.
  • 3-5 keywords.
  • Summary.
  • The project URL (if applicable).
  • Full name(s) of the speaker(s).
  • Place of work/study.
  • E-mail address(es) for contacts.

Accommodation preferences (whether you need a hotel, room type, dates of arrival and leaving).
If your request is approved (you will be notified by the organizers before June, 30), you should provide the speech abstract by July, 5, including:

  • Title.
  • Summary.
  • Project URL (if applicable).
  • Full name(s) of the speaker(s).
  • Place of work/study.
  • Abstract (up to 5000 characters).

The abstract should be in either of two formats: LaTeX or OpenDocument (.odt). Text formatting should be the same as in the template, that can be downloaded at the following links: LaTeX template, template (.ott). Instructions on formatting are inside the templates.
To write an abstract in, you have to open the provided template in
To compile a LaTeX template, you should have the whole git repository of the template, that can be cloned by the following command:
$ git clone git://
the latest snapshot of repository can also be downloaded as a .tar.gz archive.
A collection of conference materials will be published (in monochrome).
The final decision on accepting the speech for the conference will be made by July, 15. Speakers are not obliged to pay the participation fee. If several participants apply for one speech, only one participant is exempted from paying the fee.

To participate as a visitor, you have to:
1) send a letter to by July, 23, noting your full name, organization, position, electronic and postal addresses, and accommodation preferences (whether you need a hotel, preferable room type, dates of arrival and leaving);
2) pay a participation fee by July, 26, unless you are a speaker (one speaker per each talk is exempted from paying the fee), or if you work on a Free Software project (in this case, a confirmation from the project leader should be sent to the conference organizers before July, 17; the organizers shall confirm your exemption by July, 21).
Unfortunately, organizers cannot guarantee that your accommodation preferences will be followed exactly, the room type may be different depending on availability. Registering early will help us to serve you best.
It is possible to participate remotely, for details please contact the organizers.

The hotel is the building next to the place of the conference. Daily prices vary from 900 (about $30) for a bed in a room for two persons to 2000 roubles (about $65) for a higher class room for one person. Prices do not include 30% for reserving. Rooms are payed for at the moment of lodging.

Participation fee
The participation fee is 2000 roubles ($68) for organizations and 1000 ($34) for private individuals. Hotel expenses, eating (except coffee-breaks), transfer are payed for by the participant.
Call: +7 495 662 3883