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January 14, 2009

ALT Linux 4.1.1 Desktop released

ALT Linux proudly presents a new release of our desktop distribution,ALT Linux 4.1.1 Desktop. This is a general purpose GNU/Linux
distribution intended for use on desktop systems, laptops and netbooks.

Changes since ALT Linux 4.1.0 Desktop include:

  • Updated version of -, with bugfixes.
  • Compiz works out-of-box, all you need to do is run it from the menu.
  • Fixes in NetworkManager, targeted on its stability and PPPoE operation.
  • Printer settings and management is fixed in a default KDE installation.
  • CPU frequency changing fixed.
  • Miscellaneous fixes here and there.
  • An installation DVD image with English as the default language

About Box version.

More details, including general features of 4.1 Desktop distro can befound at

Images are available at:
or at the nearest mirror site. The list of active mirrors can be found

As well as for 4.1.0, several images are available, including an installation CD, an installation DVD, an image for a flash drive (that can be booted on eeePCs), a LiveCD and a rescue CD images. Moreover, xdelta and xdelta3 files are provided to save you time and money when upgrading 4.1.0 Desktop to 4.1.1 Desktop, and a separate DVD with
English as the default language so that you don't need to crawl through cryptic Russian letters on early steps :) Happy using!