ALT Linux 4.0 Lite

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite distribution is built on Xfce desktop environment and optimized for aging workstation. Besides ALT Linux 4.0 Lite will liekly be a great choice for users who prefer to use available system resources in a most efficient way.

Minimum requirements for installation and work: 64 MB RAM (128 MB and more is recommended), 4 GB free disc space (6 GB and more is recommended) and Pentium 200 CPU (400 MHz and more is recommended). Network installation requires at least 128 MB RAM.

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite contains the following applications:

  • Office suite: 2.3 (Abiword and Gnumeric for old computers)
  • Web browser: Firefox 2.0
  • E-mail client: Claws Mail
  • Images editor: GIMP 2.4
  • Over 1000 additional applications to help accomplishing a variety of routine tasks in educational institutions, office and on a home workstation or laptop.

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite employs a lite installation tool to ease your choice for a set of additional applications set to be installed.

Medium: CD
Downloadable CD images

CD images ALT Linux 4.0 Lite are available via FTP:

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite

Base ALT Linux 4.0 Lite CD is a bootable CD which contains the system and applied software.

CD image (684 MB):

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite LiveCD

LiveCD based on Lite. Allows using the system freely without installing it on hard drive.

CD image (550 MB):

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite Edu

ALT Linux 4.0 Lite Edu

Additional CD "Education". Contains applications which might be required in schools and other educational institutions:

  • Bluefish — web pages editor;
  • Programming languages Pascal (Free Pascal and Lazarus), Basic (Gambas), Logo (KTurtle);
  • Math computation systems (Maxima and Scilab);
  • ClamAV antiviral suite and cashing server Squid, PostgreSQL database.

CD image (340 MB): 

For developers

Additional CD "Build environment", contains base build environment (compiler and required libraries), isolated build system "hasher" and default settings for it.

CD image (размер 57 Мб): 

Other ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop releases

Curtrent version of ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop Personal on DVD (4419 MB):

ALT Linux 4.0 Desktop Personal LiveCD (653 Мб):