ALT Linux 4.0 Server

Initial server setup is already available in ALT Linux 4.0 Server distribution.
ALT Linux 4.0 Server  is server-oriented distribution with a wide range of features including a set of ready to go enterprise solutions: building enterprise network and data exchange environment. Easy control web interfaces, included into the distribution, allows to speed up deployment of an enterprise server.

List of binary packages
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ALT Linux 4.0 Server special features

Ready server solutions

ALT Linux 4.0 Server provide a complete technical base to accomplish real life tasks of any IT company. For every most widespread tasks there is a special server solution — a virtual server. Tasks include: information exchange environment (mail server with virus and spam protection, instant messaging server, file servers, print server, web server, database server); enterprise network deployment (network gate, proxy server, centralized authentication, time synchronization).


Server solution provided by the distribution are implemented as as virtual servers — isolated environments, created using OpenVZ, including all required for server's work and excluding side effects and possibility of interserver intrusion. Use of virtualization minimizes risk of malevolent interference into a system and provide additional tools to control used system resources which leads to better controllability and reliability of servers. Another benefit of virtualization is infrastructure flexibility: you can create, remove or freeze and move any virtual server to some other storage using just one command.

The distribution contains tools to create its own virtual servers.

Simplicity and flexibility of configuration and maintenance

A virtual server is available in form of a metapackage that install all required components, which definitely include a web-interface to operate this server (accessible via HTTPS). Simplicity of web-interfaces in ALT Linux 4.0 Server is in minimized amount of setup options available to user: most options are preconfigured to have most appropriate defaults, so that a user has only to input  information that cannot be figured out automatically. This simplification doesn't stop a user from finetuning options: a qualified administrator can always set any options by means of editing configuration files.
Certified by FSTEC Russia

ALT Linux 4.0 Server Edition was certified by Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC). Conformity certificate is №1501, dated November 8, 2007:

  • Classification on level of control of absence of undeclared features — 4th level.
  • Indicatives of safety from unauthorized access to information — 5th class of security.
Support for x86 и x86-64

Support for 32- and 64-bit architectures today is a must for any server distribution. ALT Linux 4.0 Server has two equivalent versions for x86 and x86-64.

Increased duration of support period

In our fast changing world it's inadmissible to use outdated server software (in terms of security in the first place), but regular substitution of distributions might be too expensive and require too much time for qualified specialists. ALT Linux 4.0 is shipped with guaranteed security updates within 3 years since distributions's issue and contains a simple web-interface to handle updating.

Hardware and software compatibility

ALT Linux 4.0 Server has passed testing on Aquarius, Compulink, ETegro Technologies, Helios Computer, IBM, R-Style, ULTRA-Computers. Testing has revealed excellent work of ALT Linux 4.0 Server on these manufacturers' hardware

Besides, Oracle 10g (x86), IBM DB2, 1С:Predpriyatie 8.1 were successfully tested on ALT Linux 4.0 Server.